A comfy-cozy knit top with a soft neckline.  I implemented a gathering technique on the bottom five inches of the side seams.  What this does is visually make the waist appear smaller.  It’s a really subtle design change that can just make you feel thinner when you look in the mirror.  Simple tricks.  I used a soft drapey tweed-textured sweater knit in lavender.  I left the edges unhemmed–just overlocked them with a narrow overlock stitch.

rouched side detail

This is really easy to do.  Just sew 1/4 inch elastic onto the pressed seam allowance on the inside of the finished garment.  Stretch it as you are sewing it on.  I used 6 inch lengths of elastic for this.  This technique can be done to any longer top that you feel lays too snugly against your belly.  On my manequin, the sweater fibers “stick” to the twill cover so you can’t really see this, but when these gentle gathers spread across the mid-section, they can camouflage just enough where you need it.  Use a long, narrow, zig-zag stitch on knits.