What do you get when you cross the seasonal flu with an out of town trip, a new business, and an office remodel?…a very BORING blog.  Life takes interesting turns and sometimes all you can do is hold on for dear life.  The blood is slowly flowing back into my knuckles as I continue to play nurse to my ailing kiddos, and personal assistant to my darling husband as he gets his new venture into full swing (“GO, Honey!”).

I spent all afternooon yesterday tidying up my studio, since every waking minute I had to spend there over the last several weeks has been devoted to pure productivity–so the thread piled up on the floor, the dust bunnies were having babies so it seemed, and stacks of material were everywhere.  So…I had to do a little clean-up.  My recent order came in and I’ve been busy prepping fabric for some new projects.

Incidentally, I did finish up my last tunic I began here.

Ties on the left, with a hidden tie on the inside right

Sleeve detail, 3/4 length with tab ties and top-stitching

Here’s a little construction detail showing the inside of the side seam.  I chose to do a flat-fell seam which provides a very neat and clean finish.