Every artist deals with it.  It’s not necessarily a “block”, but the opposite–an overload of ideas.  If you sew or create anything from raw materials, you know what I am talking about.  You have some sort of material you love and you have to decide what it’s purpose is–what it’s destined to be.  As a clothing designer, you have to analyze your fabric, look at the drape, feel it between your fingers and envision a garment that would best show off the qualities of that fabric.  The possibilities sometimes seem endless and that is where you can become paralyzed as an artist.  But, as artists, we must not be afraid of making mistakes–for they can be the portals of discovery.

For my first posted project, I’m leaning toward a wrap-front tunic.  This is a tunic I love–versatile and practical.  It goes over jeans, slacks, or my favorite–leggings.  It has strong vertical lines so it is visually slimming.

My fabric of choice–a “denim blue” linen/rayon blend.  Linen is a stiff and earthy fiber.  It has definite springy qualities, but when it’s combined with rayon it become more fluid, especially on the bias.  It has almost a chambray look to it.

Off to the cutting table…